Real school is the life. If you want to learn and earn through the language of love, passion, fashion, beauty, silence and sound, we will give you a chance. If you think school, college and the formal system of education is insufficient. If you think schooling is boring, you may be an exotic person. You want real life. Practical experience to take on life as it is.

We don't even like to call this a career option, rather call it better expression of life itself. You can make money through million types of jobs, for that the formal education is sufficient. The priority is enjoying a way of life. Money, power and fame will follow with your experience. We give a chance to explore your capabilities, craziness, fun on the way, adventure and what not. You can approach us for full time, half time or whatever timing you like, depending upon the projects in hand.

You can learn photography, videography, under water filming, aerial filming and cinematography in different locations around the globe provided you are game. You will be trained in essential living as well as luxury living depending upon the projects. It's the new-age culture. New friends, latest machinery, vivid cultures, better ideas, new languages, and coordination, everything you will experience. Moreover, you will turn a new leaf.

Freshers, graduates, non-graduates, talented, non-talented, skilled, unskilled doesn't matter. If you are a human being, you are welcome. Even we welcome couples for join us in a project or two as they wish. May be you can take a break from your regular life for a sabbatical. We respect your ideas and way of thinking, no matter what religion, race or region you belong to. Whatever it is, because we believe in human beings. We believe in your inherent capabilities.